In order to trace the origin of theatre one should look into the depths of the human soul and time, into the need of humans for expression and interpretation of the world, centuries ago. However, even if theatre is considered to be the result of a long-time evolution, lost in time, in the western world, its birth can be accurately determined in space and in time: Athens, 6th century B.C. Here, the dramatic poetry was born in the form of tragedy. It was an original creation with its own rules and characteristics but also a special form which expressed ideas, values and political preoccupations, by combining verse, music and myth. It is not easy to answer to how humans invented the dramatic poetry, as the information from the ancient sources may be ample but at the same time its pieces are brief and often quite dense. It is thus difficult to detect the conditions under which the ancient drama was born and developed 2,500 years ago. The questions are many. Are there answers to all of them?

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