Project contributors

The website “The Ancient Theatre in the cycle of time” was created in 2015 within the framework of the project “Design and production of educational material for the promotion of the importance of theatre in antiquity and nowadays” (code MIS 339817). It was implemented by the Directorate of Museums of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports within the framework of the Operational Program “Education and Lifelong Learning”, and co-financed by Greece and the European Union.

Project contributors:
General Supervision: Dr. Maria Lagogianni, Archaeologist
                                    Suzana Choulia-Kapeloni, Archaeologist

Elena Bazini, Archaeologist
Tonia Koutsouraki, Archaeologist

General editing – Content design:
Elena Bazini, Archaeologist

Graphics - Artistic supervision of educational material:
Spilios Pistas, Graphic designer

Compilation of texts for the website:
Elena Bazini, Archaeologist
Evita Tsioli, Archaeologist - Museologist

Scripts- Scientific documentation of the interactive activities:
Maria Aggelakou, Archaeologist
Elena Bazini, Archaeologist
Evita Tsioli, Archaeologist - Museologist

Compilation of texts for the educational documents:
Maria Aggelakou, Archaeologist
Chrysa Athianou, Educator
Elena Bazini, Archaeologist
Tonia Koutsouraki, Archaeologist
Nandia Roussou, Theatrologist
Alexandra Seleli, Archaelologist - Museologist
Evita Tsioli, Archaeologist - Museologist

Educational editing:
Chrysa Athianou, Educator

Electronic processing:
Irini Stavrianou, Graphic designer
Sophia Deligianni, Graphic designer

Translation into English:
Maria Michalarou, Translator-Interpreter
Steve Lever, (Timeline of the revival of ancient drama)

Nadia AvgoustinouElena Bazini (texts of the web-games)

Photographers: NDP Photo Agency
                           Spilios Pistas

Secretarial Support - Financial management:
Avgi Theodorakou, Administrative staff
Georgios Paraskevopoulos, Accountant
Emy Vogiatzi, Administrative staff
Panagiota Kalyvidi, Accountant
Ioanna Ntziadima, Accountant

Special thanks to:

- Irene Charalambidi, Graphic designer of the Department of Educational Programmes and Communication of the Directorate of Museums.
- Georgios Paraskevopoulos, Accounting officer of the project
- The Special Service for the Cultural Sector employees and especially the archaeologists Maya Komvou and Christina Lavdiotou, as well as its former Head, Panagiotis Dais, for their continuous support.
- The Managing Authority for the Operational Programme “Human resources Development, Education and Lifelong learning”, and especially Danae Kotti and Nansi Theodoropoulou, Thanasis Frachtopoulos, Vangelis Kitsios and Dimitris Tasios
- The Services of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports for their cooperation, as well as all the bodies that provided photographic material for the needs of the educational documents.
- The employees of the Directorate of Museums who worked on the Committee for selecting personnel with private law fixed term contracts, the Tender Committee and the Committee for Bid Evaluation and Works/ Materials Delivery for the years 2011-2014.
- The Michalis Cacoyannis Foundation, a collaborating organization for the implementation of the Subproject 2 “The Ancient Drama in the 21st century School” and especially its Director General, Xenia Kaldara, and the Administration and Programme Consultant, Dimitris Yolassis for their co-operation.